Specialist refuse truck maker Dennis Eagle enters US market

2/8/2021 2:21:00 PM - Dennis Eagle

Summerville, SC – “Technology and design have made such an impact in waste management there is now a gap in the market for a specialist truck, designed and built for vocational use and we are filling that gap,” says Dennis Eagle Inc President Ian Handley.

The company has set up a new US production facility in Summerville, SC, to build the new ProView chassis, which he says can deliver major improvements to efficiency.


And operators have been impressed by the significant improvements to safety and efficiency offered by the new trucks. They feature a low-entry, walk-thru cab which can comfortably seat a driver and three crew. The cab is also designed with outstanding visibility levels to provide the driver with as much direct vision as possible of other road users and obstacles around the vehicle.


Ian Handley explained: “This is an American truck. It is specifically designed for American operators, it’s made in America, and it uses American components. We have been trialing the vehicle for four years and are confident it will be a huge success.


“It’s big on safety and big on efficiency, and we expect it to make a major impact on the vocational market in general and waste management operations - in particular here in North America.


“We’ve set up a network of established dealers to cover the whole of North America and they love the new ProView truck – and so do their customers.”


Dennis Eagle Inc itself may be a new name in North America but its parent company has been making specialist refuse trucks since 1907 in the UK where it now dominates the market. And it’s part of the Terberg RosRoca Group that produces a huge portfolio of waste collection machinery all around the world.


“In the UK, Dennis Eagle makes specialist vocational trucks – though waste management is the primary sector we work in,” added Ian Handley.


“We are primarily focused on this industry and we have a history of innovation. Our first all-electric refuse truck has gone into production and has already been delivered to the first UK customers this autumn.


“We are used to working with bodybuilders, as we will be here in North America. And we’ve also covered all the bases for stock and spare parts to ensure outstanding support for customers through our dealership network.


“Meeting operators in the US and understanding their needs has been a real pleasure and I’m looking forward to meeting more in the months ahead.”