Bandit steals a march on the competition with Dennis Eagle

2/11/2024 9:00:00 AM - Dennis Eagle

When Ohio-based refuse collector Dumpster Bandit wanted to expand and upgrade its fleet – to continue delivering excellent customer experience to a growing client base – it was the reassurance of personal service and a willingness to trust its dealer, Trivista, to find the optimum vehicle, that led it to choose Dennis Eagle.

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Based in Chardon, Ohio, Dumpster Bandit is a family-owned refuse collection business run by Mark and Caitlyn Horvath serving Geauga County and surrounding areas. With a fast-growing reputation for simple, cost-effective, and convenient waste management, this young business has expanded to serve 12,000 homes with its 20 employees in less than six years.


“We started Dumpster Bandit in 2018,” says co-founder Mark Horvath. “We saw an opportunity to expand into waste collection by delivering a better service to the local community. As demand grew, we needed more trucks – nine vehicles on the road with a further one, either in for planned maintenance or available as a backup.


It was at this point that Dumpster Bandit sought the advice of truck dealer Trivista. Formed in mid-2017, when Ohio’s three longstanding dealerships merged, it can draw on over 156 years of combined experience to ensure operators get the right truck for the task. With Dumpster Bandit priding itself on being affordable, efficient and honest, Dennis Eagle’s ProView was a natural fit.


“Matching an operator’s needs with a vehicle is at the heart of what we do,” says Vince Cerni, Trivista’s president of sales. “For waste collection, we understand that safety, reliability and operational efficiency are an absolute must. And with Dumpster Bandit, it is a true partnership. We throw around ideas and have an open dialogue to make sure the truck we recommend is the perfect fit in a fleet.”


“At first, I needed a little bit of persuading to choose a brand that isn’t well known but we trusted Vince and after a successful demonstration, we ordered two ProViews that arrived just in time for the Christmas rush in 2022,” adds Horvath. “The ProView has the Cummins engine and Allison transmission, both proven elements we know well.”


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With Ohio’s broad weather conditions throwing everything at the trucks, the trusted reliability and traction offered by the 6x4 ProView chassis were further factors. “These trucks are out 50 hours a week, often on rural routes, in all weathers. We needed vehicles we can depend upon every day, while also being safe and easy to use,” adds Horvath. “One of my guys said it’s the best trash truck he has driven in the past 20 years.”


The side and rear load 6x4 ProViews had quickly won over the teams using them but also Mark and Caitlyn. “The guys immediately loved the comfort, visibility and safety features but for me, it was the technical support that really counted,” says Horvath. “My experience with the bigger truck brands is that it’s very difficult to get hold of somebody. And when you do, it tends to be a very corporate level of response. With Dennis Eagle, I know that any time I call the support line, I’ll be able to speak to a person. We’ve not had any issues and I’ve always received the best level of service with a quick turnaround.”


With more and more customers appreciating its reliable service and competitive prices, it’s not going to be long before Dumpster Bandit is further growing its fleet. “We’ll definitely look at more Dennis Eagles with Trivista,” concludes Horvath. “We trust the advice and we’d love to take it to the next level.”