Dennis Eagle Inc. expansion gets underway

11/13/2023 11:00:00 AM - Dennis Eagle

The ground has been broken at Dennis Eagle Inc.’s headquarters in Summerville, South Carolina, as the US plant prepares for an 8,000-square-foot expansion to enable increased production.

US expansion (Twitter Post).png



The new development comes just three years after the production line opened in North America but reflects the success the ProView has had in establishing itself in the market.

The expansion will house an all-new Aftermarket warehouse which has been redesigned for increased efficiency, a new Goods-In Receiving area, a staging area for Production materials, and new offices.

The office facilities will include a conference room, a break and multimedia room for staff and visitors, open plan office space, and a redesigned lobby to welcome our guests.

The new warehouse will replace the previous one and house all Aftermarket materials on the site. This in turn will free up the space occupied by the old warehouse to allow expansion of the production footprint and create a new PDI area. The larger and redesigned facility will not only enable increased production but also improved flow and efficiency at the plant.


The expansion project has also been coupled with process improvements. These include implementing the 5S, which focuses on using only the tools and materials needed and working in an orderly, clean, and tidy environment. The 5S forms the basis of the Lean Six Sigma concept, which will result in eliminating waste and improving product quality.

In addition to changes at the plant, offices have been prepared at a second site nearby to house both the Finance department and the Aftermarket admin team.

The new site is a 2,400-square-foot office space and is just a mile from the plant. It has its own conference room, an open-plan layout, and a break room.


General Manager Melinda Bonte said: “I see a renewed excitement within our team since we started this expansion project.

“The physical changes have sparked new energy and involvement as our strategy starts to align with what they see around them.

“We have a strong and resilient team here in the US. They have worked through many changes since the opening of this plant and we have an exciting future ahead, as we grow with the same reinforcing energy.”


The dream team

Meanwhile, Dealer Development Manager Joe McCalip has been implementing plans to further support dealerships across North America.

He explained: “We have engaged our dealers with a program that includes service, parts and sales training as a comprehensive package.

“To date, we have met 19 different teams from more than 11 different dealers and the feedback from them has been very positive. In particular, the package is focused on both supporting the products after the sale and also engaging the dealers’ sales teams to be aggressive in their marketing of the product.

“The team here at DE Inc feels this path has been very fruitful and we will continue with it, rolling it out to more teams across the continent, as we seek further success in 2024.”


Dennis Eagle Inc.’s President Geoff Rigg added: “Developments here are taking shape and everyone - customers, dealers, and staff – can see the way ahead.

“The team in Summerville has responded really well to the changes and is genuinely excited by what’s going on. And the continuing development of support for our dealers and our Aftermarket offering is being very well received on the ground.

“We’re gaining good recognition in this market and the expansion and redevelopment of our facilities in Summerville will have a further significant and positive impact in the months ahead.”