Dennis Eagle supports fleet safety improvements through Together for Safer Roads partnership

4/8/2024 1:00:00 PM - Dennis Eagle
  • Leading manufacturer of 'Direct Vision' cabs joins Together for Safer Roads to improve and promote global fleet safety.
  • Dennis Eagle dealers in North America will have access to Direct Vision 5-Star Rating Test Kit to support its fleet operators.

TSR Geoff and Peter.png

Geoff Rigg (Left) with Peter Goldwasser (Right)



As part of its ongoing commitment to protect all road users, Dennis Eagle has joined Together for Safer Roads (TSR), a leading non-governmental organisation in the US dedicated to advancing road safety through cross-sector collaboration.

A true partnership, Dennis Eagle will share knowledge and expertise derived from its world-leading ‘Direct Vision’ (reduced blind spot) design and engineering to promote fleet safety and reduce traffic-related incidents, while enabling TSR to continue to advance access to and awareness of safer commercial vehicles. As part of this work, TSR will engage with Dennis Eagle’s active dealer network in North America to raise awareness, including utilizing their Direct Vision Rating kit.


Thanks to TSR’s efforts, a self-evaluation process to demonstrate truck safety via Direct Vision (DV) Five Star Measuring Kits, is now being rolled out with Dennis Eagle dealers among those embracing the opportunity. DV kits enable fleet operators – through a series of quick tests – to raise awareness of visibility around the vehicle and better understand and demonstrate how certain cab designs can provide superior, safer vision options.


"Truck design is fundamental to safer roads and we are thrilled to welcome Dennis Eagle, a leader in the field, as the newest member of Together for Safer Roads," says Peter Goldwasser, TSR's executive director. "Dennis Eagle's expertise, especially in Direct Vision cab design, will significantly contribute to our Direct Vision work, and we are particularly excited about the utilisation of TSR’s Direct Vision Five-Star Rating Test Kit, helping to increase awareness and adoption of safer trucks.”


"We are honoured to join Together for Safer Roads in its mission to enhance global road safety," adds Geoff Rigg, president at Dennis Eagle. "Our dedication to producing vehicles with low blind zones aligns seamlessly with TSR's vision, and we look forward to contributing to the advancement of fleet safety on a global scale."